LCN Partners
About: Working together to save lories worldwide

The Lory Conservation Network connects zoos, bird parks and lory exhibits around the world with effective conservation programs to save lories. Network participants work with parrot enthusiasts, researchers, local communities and government leaders to encourage effective solutions that protect lories.

Through this unique partnership we:

    * Support field conservation and research projects
    * Encourage habitat restoration programs
    * Facilitate reintroduction and release programs
    * Increase awareness of the plight of lories

LCN Partners and Participants
Each of the partners listed below contributes their time and resources to save lories. Please take the time to get to know them better and follow the links to learn more.

Founding Partners

San Diego Zoo
The San Diego Zoo houses the largest publicly displayed lory collection in the United States as well as a walk-through lory experience at the Wild Animal Park. Active field conservation effort in support of the restoration of the Kuhl's Lory to its historical distribution on Atiu, Cook Islands that will create a second population to the population on the island of Rimatara in the Austral Archipelago of French Polynesia. San Diego Zoo »

Banham Zoo
Banham Zoo is a privately owned and run Zoological Park in the County of Norfolk, England. It is set amongst 35 acres of beautiful parkland and gardens with innovative and exciting enclosures, providing sanctuary for almost 1000 animals ranging from big cats to birds of prey and siamangs to parrots.

The Friends of Banham Zoo is a charitable Association that was formed in 1996 to promote the breeding, care and conservation of wildlife at Banham Zoo and to encourage and develop public interest in, and an awareness of, the importance of ensuring the survival of species and the diversity of life. The Association aims to raise awareness and funds for conservation projects within Banham Zoo and to also support conservation in the wild. Banham Zoo » | Friends of Banham Zoo »

Animal Zone
The Animal Zone is a fu lly operational Zoo with over 700 animals ranging from domestic to endangered species. We are part of South Staffordshire College and are teaching resource for students during term time and open to visitors at weekends and during school holidays. You can find us on Facebook, search "Rodbaston Animal Zone". Animal Zone »

Chessington Zoo
The Chessington World of Adventures is a theme park and zoo in south-west London, England. It is divided into ten different park areas, each with their own unique themes. The zoo has been open for more the 75 years and has a variety of animals from small Monkeys and birds up to Lions, Tigers and Gorillas. The Lorikeets are kept in a walk-thru aviary. Chessington Zoo »

Lory League is an international aviculture group sharing information about lories and related topics. We believe in promoting lories to adults and children through educational events, displays and opportunities to experience lories. We support lory conservation and saving their natural habitat. Our members include: bird breeders, pet owners, exhibitors, zoo keepers, educators and trainers. We offer an online newsletter and host a Yahoo discussion group. Lory League »

Natural Encounters Conservation Fund
A sister company to Natural Encounters, Inc., Natural Encounters Conservation Fund (NECF) is a US-based charity and serves as its non-profit arm. Supported entirely by Natural Encounters, one hundred percent of the proceeds raised through NECF go directly to the conservation projects it supports. The World of Birds Show/NECF has raised and donated over $400,000 to conservation projects in the past 16 years. Natural Encounters »

NOAH Nature Alliance
NOAH is an impartial, unbiased, US-based charitable, umbrella organization committed to complementing and supporting worthy nature conservation initiatives like the Lory Conservaton Network. Its mission is to open the window on worldwide wildlife conservation and related community betterment projects, international and local, established and emerging by increasing their exposure to an international community of concerned supporters. NOAH Nature Alliance »

Vogelpark Avifauna
Located in the Netherlands, this park is home to 2000 birds representing more then 250 species of birds from all over the globe. In 2002 a new Lorikeet enclosure was opened in which 100 Rainbow Larikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus) are free roaming. In this spectacular walkthrough exhibit visitors can feed the lorikeets with a portion cup of nectar. Vogelpark Avifauna »

Blackpool Zoo
Blackpool Zoo is a 32 acre site with over 1,500 animals, including many species of mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian and invertebrate located in the United Kingdom. The Zoo maintains Rainbow Lorikeets which are housed with Long-nosed Potoroo and Ground Cuscus. Blackpool Zoo »

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is owned by the National Trust of Queensland. a not-for-profit organisation, with all proceeds raised reinvested into the care of our environment and animals. Famous for wild Lorikeet bird feeding, a world class Free Flight Bird Show and the largest walk-through aviary in the Southern Hemisphere. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary provides a rare opportunity to see and experience our amazing native Australian wildlife. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary »

Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens
Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens is a member of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums and has links with various partners to actively promote the conservation of animals. Part of Northumberland College's Kirkley Hall Campus in Northumberland, England, it was established in 2011 as an educational training facility for the college’s Animal Care students, as well as being open to the public. Since opening the zoo has grown massively and now boasts over 200 species of animals in its care. Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens »

World Parrot Trust
As a leader in parrot conservation and welfare, the World Parrot Trust works with parrot enthusiasts, researchers, local communities and government leaders to encourage effective solutions that protect parrots. For more than 20 years the Trust has led conservation and welfare projects in 42 countries for more than 67 species of parrots. World Parrot Trust »

Paradise Park
Located in Cornwall, UK, Paradise Park is a wildlife sanctuary and home to many species of parrots. It was opened in 1973 by Mike Reynolds, who went on to establish the World Parrot Trust. Paradise Park is committed to helping parrots whenever they can. Their efforts include raising funds for conservation projects, providing staff time, offering free office and shop space, and encouraging increased publicity. Paradise Park »

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